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This is what Breakfast looks like around the World

5 Documentaries that will inspire the Global Citizen in you

Breakfast has been called the most important meal of the day. Check out what that looks like around the world!
Get inspired to make the world a better place for all!

American Airlines Making Major Frequent Flyer Program Changes

These Nine Sins Get Chinese Tourists Added to the Nation’s Travel Blacklist

The Chinese Government made a list of 9 travel sins that if commited threaten to get you put on a no-fly list
American Airlines is changing the way it rewards frequent flyers.

An Open Letter to Donald Trump from AFAR Cofounder Greg Sullivan

Increased spontaneous and offseason vacations propel travel growth: report

In response to Mr. Trump's call to ban Muslims from entering the United States, AFAR's CEO and cofounder invites the presumptive Republican presidential nominee to join him to witness Muslim cultures firsthand—on an all-expense paid trip with AFAR.
International tourism will grow 4.3 percent in 2016, with demand highest in Asia and North America, according to a Positive Luxury study on the state of travel.

Travel trends in 2016: The good, the bad and the ugly

Travel like a Boss

The first robot hotel has arrived, in Japan of course, we could soon be streaming video to our devices on flights thanks to next generation inflight Wi-Fi, more Chinese travellers are out and about in the world, we can expect more crowded flights in economy cabins and "digital detox", "babymoon" and "Zika" have entered the travellers' lexicon.
After all, vacation is serious business! Entrepreneurs give us a tip or two on how to cool it off in this scorching heat – like a boss.

The world's most extreme runways

8 Days Exploring The Turks and Caicos on a Superyacht

From the Himalayas to the Maldives, some landings can inspire awe – while others bring about terror. - BBC Travel
Day 1
Adrian Roche, captain of bluewater’s 90 metre charter yacht Nero, takes a tour of the region’s most remote spots for a marine-rich, dive-focused cruise.

The world's most extreme runways

From the Himalayas to the Maldives, some landings can inspire awe – while others bring about terror. - BBC Travel

A Culinary Guide to Da Nang

Epic Saves: More true tales of travel agents in action

Wild India: step into the real life Jungle Book

Traveling isn’t always perfect – there are delays, cancellations, acts of Mother Nature and, unfortunately, acts of terrorism. Travel agents do whatever they can to help their clients when something unfortunate comes up and they need to simply tweak their itineraries. However, other agents have been hit with insurmountable odds of solving their client’s problem but, ultimately, pulled an “epic save.”
To mark Disney's remake of The Jungle Book, Lonely Planet travels to the forested heart of Indiathat inspired Rudyard Kipling’s original Mowgli stories.

Don’t Pack It, Rent It: You Might Want To Have These Items Delivered

Why Turkish Breakfast is the Best Reason to Get Out of Bed

Now here's a novel concept. Going on a safari and wish you had a big lens for the occasion but don't really want to fork out and buy one? Why not rent one instead, and to top it off, have it delivered right to your hotel door!
Shahnaz Habib tells us why being a morning person in Istanbul is sooo worth it!

Best National Parks for every traveler

Bangkok: The overlooked city of romance

Jamie Beckman, Nicholas DeRenzo,  and Robert Firpo-Cappiello 
celebrate the 2016 centennial of the National Park Service with the best parks for every travel personality, including foodie, art lover, history buff, road tripper, beach-goer, and more! 
SeveSeas and Ryan Fiacco give a short but sweet intro to Bangkok. Solo travel is growing in popularity and has many perks, but there are some places that are just "too romantic to explore alone" and Bangkok is one of them.

The Best Restaurants in the Sky

A 77km hike that could inspire Miracles

When it comes to inflight dining, airlines are upping their game to win attention from travelers. Few might base travel plans around what’s being served after takeoff, but it can certainly make a positive impression.
With Spain’s Camino de Santiago becoming a victim of its own success, Matthew Hirtes chose to walk this less-crowded, less-known version of the pilgrimage, 1,750km to the south.

Volunteer Cruise programs

Escapes for Fishing Fanatics

A new cruise line focused on providing volunteer opportunities—and improving the communities it visits—is about to set sail. Fathom is "a different kind of cruise that combines your love of travel with your desire to make a difference." This one-ship brand, part of the giant Carnival Corporation, will carry travelers from Miami to the Dominican Republic, where they can take part in an array of projects and activities over a three-day stay. 
Go bonefishing in the Turks and Caicos. Spend the day drifting in Tennessee's Clinch River. Or go heli-fishing for whopper salmon in British Columbia. These guides and outfitters guarantee you'll reel in a big one. 

Is this Japan's best Ramen?

Best and Worst Passports

BBC's Danielle Demetriou takes us to the tiny family-run shop in Wakayama City which is known amongst locals to serve the best Ramen around. 
Where does your passport rank on the list?

Citizen of the World - Marcus Samuelsson

A famous island that nobody knows

AFAR Magazine's Jenn Flowers gives us an inside look into Marcus' travel antics. Including which souvenir he would save in an emergency!
“These islands touched my life without my knowing: the perfumes that waft by at parties, the vanilla that flavours my ice cream and the cloves that spice up my Christmas cookies"

Virgin Galactic Unveils new spaceship

Passport free travel restrictions through the EU may end up costing 1.4 trillion over the next decade

Free reign: The remarkable street
art of Bogota

ETAs for Canada

Beer fountain being built in Slovenia to attract tourists

Travel Guide: 24hrs in Edinburgh

Zalec, a small town in central Slovenia, is famed locally for the hop farms that surround it in what is known as the "valley of green gold."  Article by Denver Nicks
Sharron Livingston takes  us through the winding streets of Edinburgh

One Country's endless war against water

Japanese snowsurfing is the new snowboarding

The island of Hokkaido gets more snow than almost anywhere else in the world. To make the most of a visit there, you’ll need to see the mountains through Japanese eyes. And bring an appetite for sushi.
When nearly a quarter of your nation lies below sea level and another half sits less than a meter above, its very existence is under constant attack. 

BBC Travel's 'Going Local' in Rio de Janiero
with Rafael Estefania

Unesco World Heritage sites and the downside of cultural tourism

A very interesting article about the delicate balance of sustainable travel. 

Indonesia's Real-life Robinson Crusoes

Zika Virus: What travellers need to know

BBC Travel’s Theodora Sutcliffe recounts the story of a couple who overcame disability and blindness to make a difference in the most unusual of places.  An inspiring story!
The Guardian's article and video about the Zika virus and how it could affect travellers and residents in the Caribbean

The Way of the one-legged rowers

Drying off in Jordan

BBC Travel's Adrienne Jordan recounts her experiences crossing Myanmar's Inle Lake alongside a group of fisherman, cutting through the water with an oar attached to their leg.
SevenSeas Travel Magazine is an amazing website that combines a passion for travel and marine conservation. Their new segment "Drying Off" will be a wonderful resource for divers who are looking for activities to do while they're drying off and decompressing.

The ocean's tallest "dryslide'

Havana Homestays get easier to find.

BBC Travel’s Esme Fox tells us about her experiences in Cuba. The island’s rich history has long attracted visitors from around the world and with the opening up of travel restrictions between Cuba and the US it’s only going to increase. Homestays have long been the best way for travellers to experience authentic Cuban hospitality – and now finding one has become easier than ever.
Royal Caribbean’s new boat Harmony of the Seas will unveil the world’s larges at sea ‘dry’ slide. For more info or to check out their video click the image above.

Frontier Airlines announces 42 new routes

Are budget airlines set to merger?

Low-cost carrier Frontier Airlines announced Thursday that the company has added new non-stop service in 42 markets throughout the United States.
The American Airlines-USAirways coupling was the last major merger in the airline industry. The number of US legacy carriers can’t really get any smaller (at least not in our lifetimes). However, the merger of Southwest and AirTran showed that even low cost carriers are willing to consolidate.