Aaron Robinson

World Record Attempt. Youngest Solo Circumnavigation in a Light Aircraft.

26th September, 2016

She Flies! 
A quick chat with Aaron Robinson about their recent test flight...

Recently, A plane built from scratch by a group of youngsters took flight for the first time!

Aaron Robinson and his friends at The Spirit of Goole watched in anticipation as years of work was fired up and taken for a test run.

Earlier in the year we did an interview with Aaron about his ambitions to break the world record as youngest person to solo-fly around the world! A feat in and of it's own, topped only by the fact that he'll be flying a plane he himself helped build. 

This week we got to speak with Aaron again about the test flight, how it went, and what's next

Click here to read the update interview with Aaron Robinson. 

A few key quesitons...

  • ​What  - World Record attempt as the youngest person to solo circumnavigate the globe in a light aircraft.

  • What kind of distances are we looking at –  The whole flight should cover about 35,000 miles

  •  How many countries will you pass over? – Approximately 30
  • When is takeoff? - July 2017

  • How long will it take The whole circumnavigation should take about 80 days 

  • How can I help? – Help Aaron by donating HERE . Every little bit helps, also visit the Spirit of Goole website and consider donating to help this wonderful charity organization continue engaging the community.

Aaron checking out the cockpit

Aaron Robinson(15) has set himself a truly astounding challenge, to become the youngest person to fly solo around the world in a light aircraft. But more than that, in a light aircraft that he and his friends have spent two and a half years building.

The Marco Travel team are always on the look out for people with that extra something. Adventurers heading out, coming back or simply in the preparation phase of a grand adventure. 

Well, you can imagine how pleased we were when we came accross a facebook post about Aaron Robinson, a 15 year old who in about a year will be embarking on a solo circumnavigation of the planet in a light-aircraft.
Impressive right? Oh it only gets better. Aaron will be the youngest person to ever do this, and oh yeah, he's buidiing the plane himself! That's right, he and his friends have learned the basics with  the help of the Yorskhire based charity organization The Spirit of Goole ​and over the last few years have built the light air-craft which Aaron is set to fly around the world! 

In addition to studying for his GCSE exams, Aaron has been hitting the books in preparation for the various licenses he'll need for his mission and next summer he'll be embarking on the adventure of a lifetime: approximately 80 days of solo flying from 1 point in Yorkshire  and back again!

Click HERE for our interview with Aaron!

"Aaron has a maturity beyond his years, he has shown a dedication and enthusiasm to the project far higher than we expected. Having worked with him over the years I have no doubt he will be successful, The Spirit Of Goole will support him all the way"
  Jack Milnes - Chairman of The Spirit of Goole

Map showing approximate route Aaron is set to take

Extract from Press release - 

Aaron wants to be a professional pilot, and so when The Spirit Of Goole started the Youth Build A Plane project he jumped at the chance. He started working with his pals at just 13 years old to learn all the skills needed to construct an aircraft, A British designed and manufactured kit Bi-plane called The Sherwood Ranger XP. Aaron and his friends have worked tirelessly assembling over 33,000 parts, and two and a half years later they are getting ready to test fly it.

The whole team are backing Aaron in his attempt and The BBC have started to film him as he finishes the plane, learns to fly it and then follow him on his epic flight covering over 30 countries and 35,000 miles.

In July 2017, Aaron will set off from the UK on his amazing journey, he is supported by ex-RAF pilots and engineers as well as the Spirit Of Goole youngsters, who will service the aircraft on its way around the world.

Click HERE to learn more about The Spirit of Goole. 
We will be following Aaron as he continues to prepare and will regularly update this page so stay tuned!
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